Attunement: A Key to Deepening Relationships and Nurturing Empathy

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

Attunement is the ability to be fully present and aware of another person's emotional state and needs and to respond in a way that shows empathy, understanding, and care. My friend and colleague, Keith Witt, defines it this way: sensing into oneself, others, and situations with acceptance and care with a wish for a higher good.

Attunement is a necessary ingredient in developing loving relationships because it creates a deep sense of emotional connection and intimacy between two people. When one person is attuned to the other, it creates a feeling of being seen, heard, and understood, which helps to build trust and deepen the bond between them.

Attunement is also important because it helps to regulate emotions and create a sense of safety and security in the relationship. When one person is attuned to the other, they can help to calm and soothe the other person during times of stress, anxiety, or conflict.

Not only is attunement a critical component of loving relationships, it could also save the world. If everyone lived in a state of attunement, we’d find enlightened solutions to all our problems. Attunement is goodness personified and, as such, lies at the heart of skillful awareness. May you cultivate attuned relationships in your life.

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity,


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