Personal "truth" and what it means to look in the mirror

Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

Truth is like a mirror that helps us see ourselves clearly. When we look at ourselves with honesty and humility, we understand our strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and values. By being honest with ourselves, we can accept what we discover, learn from our experiences, make corrections around the edges, and work towards becoming better versions of ourselves.

But who is the “Self” we think we are? We hear the words “True Self” quite often. But is there such a thing? Or do our conditioned thoughts and beliefs always distort our perception and change who we “are” depending on what we think?

Thousands of hours sitting on a meditation cushion and endless self-examination suggest that there is a gestalt, shape, pattern (whatever you want to call it) of a self that I can navigate towards. However, I know “I” will never be that gestalt. Whatever “I AM” is, it lies deeper and can’t be touched.

Even so, there is a person here. And to me, a person is a perspective. In a relative sense, I’ll always be this person, trying to do his best, learning from his mistakes, and growing towards an ideal but never reaching it. Nevertheless, by courageously examining our innermost thoughts and beliefs, we do inch closer to understanding our “truth.” But again, realize that truth—in the sense of personal truth—is a perspective looking out from the mirror. From that vantage point, it's hard to see one's true image clearly.

But don't stop tying. When we embrace truth and honesty as a practice, we orient around a moral and ethical foundation that serves our authenticity, development, and relationships.

So, consider living more honestly. For example, if you’ve got one set of rules for yourself and another for everyone else, that’s a red flag. Self-awareness comes from recognizing such conflicts and working them out. It’s challenging work, but anything else is less than honest.

I wish you abundant health, happiness, and prosperity,


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