The impact of stress on our defenses

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This is the third in our series on defense mechanisms. In today's essay, we'll explore stress's impact on our defenses.

Stress significantly impacts our behavior and coping strategies, often leading us to fall back on less mature defense mechanisms. For example, when we feel overwhelmed or threatened, we may unconsciously resort to these familiar, albeit less adaptive, coping strategies to alleviate our discomfort. When we do, we may struggle to maintain our emotional equilibrium, and our relationships and overall well-being can suffer.

For instance, imagine a highly stressed person facing criticism at work. Instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes and finding ways to improve, they might resort to projection, blaming their colleagues for their troubles. In another scenario, an overwhelmed parent might revert to passive-aggressive behaviors instead of dealing forthrightly with their child. Lastly, a person experiencing significant conflict in their marriage might seek comfort outside the relationship instead of acknowledging the problems and working on them.

These examples highlight the tendency to rely on immature defense mechanisms when our stress levels are high. However, recognizing such patterns is the first step towards breaking free from their hold. By cultivating and practicing self-awareness and shadow work, we can reduce reliance on these maladaptive coping strategies and develop healthier, more mature responses to our challenges. Here's a link to download a copy of the Common Defense Mechanisms PDF I give my Project SkillfullyAware students.

In tomorrow's final essay, we will explore how mature defense mechanisms can act as a social lubricant in difficult situations, serving a higher good and promoting personal growth. Developing a healthy arsenal of adaptive coping strategies allows us to better navigate the complexities of life and foster more fulfilling connections with others.

Wishing you abundant health, happiness, and prosperity,


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