The potential for change

Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

Personal change is a much sought-after yet often elusive ambition. I’ve spent my whole adult life earnestly trying to buff out the rough edges of my personality and find the job difficult, confounding, and still, as of yet, unfinished.

In this week’s four-part series, we’ll explore various aspects of personal change, from its possibility and the tools that facilitate it to the underlying neuroscience and the role of external factors. We embark on this journey by examining the evidence supporting the case for personal change and the factors contributing to successful transformation.

Research and real-life examples show that personal change is definitely possible. Indeed, numerous brain studies demonstrate the capacity for individuals to break free from destructive habits, rewire thought patterns, and embrace new behaviors. Critical factors for successful self-change include increased self-awareness, motivation, and resilience. Self-awareness enables individuals to recognize their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. Motivation fuels the desire to change, while resilience ensures setbacks are learning experiences.

You’ve often heard me say, “It’s almost impossible to heal alone.” It’s true. Support systems, therapy, and coaching are vital in personal change. Encouragement from friends, family, or mentors can also provide the necessary emotional and practical support during challenging times. Meanwhile, therapy and coaching can offer professional guidance, helping individuals to develop effective strategies and overcome obstacles.

Yet, despite the evidence supporting personal change, it remains a challenging endeavor that requires ongoing effort. I often tell my clients, “It’s likely going to take longer and be harder than you think.” That’s why daily self-reflection, goal-setting, and intentional action are crucial to maintaining and solidifying change.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s essay, where we’ll delve into the power of mindfulness and meditation as tools for transformation.

Wishing you abundant health, happiness, and prosperity,


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