The promise of fundamental solutions

Photo by Karla Hernandez on Unsplash

Hello, and welcome to the final essay in our series, where we explore the path of real solutions, leaving behind the pitfalls of quick fixes in favor of a more immediate, engaged, raw, awake, and authentic way to live.

As we reflect on the traps of quick fixes (habituation and dependency), the value of fundamental solutions becomes apparent. Such solutions require us to embrace genuine self-change, learn and practice new self-care routines, engage with our challenges more patiently, have difficult conversations, take responsibility for our actions, and stay consistent with our practice.

In my work as a meditation and mindfulness teacher, I've witnessed the power of adopting what I call a SkillfullyAware approach, which addresses the root causes of our struggles: attentional fixation and being stuck in one's story. The opposite is to increase compassion, self-awareness, patience, and persistence in the face of challenges. All that inevitably leads instead to better outcomes.

But change is not a straight line from where you are to where you want to be. Instead, it is a jagged line. Though it may trend upward, it is marked by the peaks and valleys of small victories and setbacks. Yet, through all of it, a compassionate approach will get you there. Along the journey, embrace humor, curiosity, and kindness toward yourself. Such loving care will provide the necessary nourishment to keep you moving forward.

By adopting a SkillfullyAware approach, we replace reliance on superficial fixes with a deep understanding of ourselves and our needs. As a result, we become better equipped to navigate life's complexities without making them worse. That, my friends, is the best anyone can hope for. The journey toward fundamental solutions may be challenging, but it is undeniably worth the effort.

I wish you abundant health, happiness, and prosperity,


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