Live carefully: Emphasizing Wisdom, Compassion, and Responsibility

Photograph by Mark Pirtle

Humans are incredibly intelligent, capable of creating complex systems, solving intricate problems, and developing advanced technologies. However, our intelligence has also led us to overlook some of the most basic and essential aspects of our lives, such as our connection to nature and the importance of community and social connection.

Our intelligence has also allowed us to develop destructive habits and behaviors that harm ourselves, others, and the planet on which all life depends. We can create solutions to all our issues, but our intelligence alone will not be enough. We must also be wise, ethical, compassionate, and responsible to ensure a sustainable and thriving future for all. In many ways, our intelligence can be both a gift and a curse. It is up to us to use it wisely.

Live full of care today, as if what you think, say, and do matters—because it does. Sending love and well wishes your way.

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