Pain and Healing: An Unexpected Connection

Photo by Look Up Look Down Photography on Unsplash

When I told this to my pain patients in rehab, they looked at me like I was crazy. But think about it. Have you ever healed without feeling pain? No!

The trick, however, is not to make things worse by increasing the intensity of the pain or making it last longer. That’s something we do (inadvertently) all the time.

As long as you're not making things worse, the pain that you're feeling, whether physical or emotional, is a sign that you're healing.

Healing an emotional wound is also painful. When looked at this way, depression and anxiety can be seen as natural and part of the healing process.

When we experience emotional pain, it can be difficult to hold and process our feelings. However, acknowledging and processing our emotions is an important part of healing and can help us gain understandings that lead to insights, closure, and growth. All that allows us to move forward in a positive way.

It's important to remember that healing chronic pain, physical or emotional, is a journey, and it will take time to recover fully. It's okay to seek support from loved ones or professionals to help you navigate through the healing process. In fact, I highly recommend it. We’re social creatures, which makes it almost impossible to heal alone. So, however you do it, get some support from wise and kind people. Reach out to me if you like.

If you’re on a healing journey, I wish you strength, patience, and love.


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