What is a stress illness? And, is your story making you sick?

Image taken by Christina Wiebolt during the filming of Is Your Story Making You Sick?

A stress-related illness is a condition in which stress causes symptoms. These symptoms can be physical as well as mental. According to a study published in the Journal of Family Practice, up to 80% of all visits to primary care physicians are related to stress or stress-related symptoms.

Stress-related symptoms may not have a clear medical cause and may persist even after medical tests have ruled out any underlying physical conditions. That’s why people who with stress illnesses often suffer with them for years, going from doctor to doctor, trying remedy after remedy, or worse, endlessly taking pills that only mask the symptoms.

A person's story can contribute to their experience of stress. Negative or traumatic experiences such as abuse, neglect, or loss can create ongoing stress and feelings of anxiety or depression, which can negatively affect health. Negative experiences can also shape a person's beliefs and worldview, perpetuating stress and anxiety, leading to a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and physical symptoms.

Many of you know I helped write and produce a film titled, Is Your Story Making You Sick? In it, we take eight courageous people who struggle with unresolved trauma and stress-related illnesses on four retreats. The transformation they experience is amazing. If you’re suffering and want to see what’s possible, follow this link to watch the film. If, after watching the film, you’d like to have the same experience at the same retreat center, click here.

We only need twelve eager folks who want to dive deep and transform to make it happen.

Sending love and well wishes your way!


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