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Now is your time to change! Project SkillfullyAware was first tested in the crucible of in-patient rehab, freeing those woefully stuck with debilitating habits. Their price for release was tens of thousands of dollars. But now, you have the opportunity to harness two decades of enhancements to this same course, at a fraction of the cost. The course that stood strong in the harshest trials, is now available to you!

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I am so impressed with my results from Dr. Pirtle’s program. I gained much more than my goal, which was to lessen my nervous system’s severe reaction to surgery. The simplicity of sitting and listening to Mark’s training slowly turned the tide. Listening to his soothing voice I began to sit peacefully, “smiling inwardly and outwardly.” The benefits have been profound. I now enjoy meditating, and see subtle and continuous improvements in my life. I highly recommend his program to anyone looking for physical, emotional or spiritual benefit.

Ena Pearl

Dr. of Energy Medicine, NYC

Ah…midlife; divorce, empty nest, hormones, gravity, all present new learning opportunities, but also come with annoying, insecure little voice. That voice took up space in my mind and kept me from moving forward—the same recording over and over. But I learned to quiet that voice. After Mark’s program, I found out that I am not at fault. I can challenge the voice and reframe new scripts. He taught me how to put a positive spin on an old story. New doors are opening because now I have the tools to open them. This program will change you. It is not simple, it is not easy, but it has focused me on a new horizon, a new idea of me, and my future. I’m still in process, waiting to see how this will unfold, but gratefully, the road is paved, and has fewer potholes than before.

F. Nowlin

Dr. of Energy Medicine, NYC

I participated in one of Mark Pirtle's 4-day retreats. It was transformative! Mark has a way of connecting with kind, successful people from all walks of life. We had a lot in common, but the main thing I experienced was we were all committed to self-improvement and healing. Mark is a skilled teacher who specializes in teaching his clients to turn inward, find their own path to healing. Mark's kindness, skill, and wisdom put us at ease and allowed the group to gel. Through Mark’s leadership, the programming, and the support, we found the courage to push through discomfort and change and heal. I can’t overstate the positive impact a retreat with Dr. Pirtle will have on your life. Do it!

Alex Hsu

Investor, father, seeker

Mark Pirtle has a deep understanding of spiritual growth and the stages of development. His SkillfullyAware process is a developmental roadmap for the average person. I’ve done a ton of reading on the topic of self-help and spiritual growth. Mark’s work is the most straightforward, understandable, and more important, actionable information I’ve come across. I apply his “tools of transformation” with tremendous positive impact on my health and well-being. Mark is a fabulous coach and mentor who has the ability to meet people where they’re at and provide guidance that is appropriate for their stage of development.

Rufus Woods

Retired Newspaper Editor

I met Mark at a lady’s luncheon where he did a brief talk and meditation. I was so blown away by the experience that I wanted to take his class. I laugh when I think about it, but I’ve taken SkillfullyAware five times now! Each time I took the class I saw more and went deeper. It took me 2 years to convince my husband to take the classes himself. I cannot tell you how much our own, already loving relationship, has improved! I had no idea how much my own thoughts, fixations & old habits were negatively influencing my life. Now I have influence to positively impact my life, as well as the lives of the people I love. My kids recognize the change in me too. I can only say, I wish I had taken these classes when I was in my twenties. The benefits are immeasurable and as Mark says, he wants you to be happy! I can’t say enough about Mark and his classes.

Margie B

Retired Newspaper Editor

I met mark during the darkest period in my life when I was recovering from a major ski accident, which led to an opioid addiction. I was very successful career wise, but my personal life was a wreck. I started working with Mark in 2015. We started with awareness practices to address back pain from the accident and the addiction. Recently, I participated in a 4-day retreat that he led. Looking back, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. The biggest take-away was just learning the power of awareness and kindness. Both have really helped me come back, and become the best I person I can be to myself, my family, friends and peers. It’s been a long journey. No exaggeration, Mark helped to save my life.


Retired Newspaper Editor

I first met Mark years ago when I was a patient in rehab, struggling with alcoholism. Years after I discharged, I reached out to him when I felt like I needed guidance. Mark’s program helped me understand that my answers are quite literally within me. It was so interesting to learn how we are all essentially a jumble of swirling habits and patterns and that small modifications to our habits of thinking and perceiving produce big, lasting changes in our overall experience. I highly recommend Mark and his informative program. Make sure to participate, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Retired Newspaper Editor

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Integral thinking meets mindfulness

A Unique Approach to Mindful Living

With a fusion of living systems theory, mindfulness meditation, and narrative medicine, our course offers a truly transformative experience.

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How is this course structured?

The Project SkillfullyAware course consists of 12 sessions, each 50 minutes long. The course includes a Q&A section, a supportive community, and as a bonus, a 50-minute Integral Therapy coaching session.

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What are the qualifications of the course instructor?

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