What is confirmation bias and how it can keep you stuck

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In my last post, we considered how our unexamined assumptions skew how we see the world. It also asserted that a willingness to see another’s perspective opens us up to personal growth and development. I’d like to further explore the theme of open-mindedness today by talking about confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias is when someone only pays attention to things that support their beliefs and ignores things that don’t. It’s like wearing sunglasses that only let in one color making it impossible to see anything else.

When people only listen to ideas supporting their biases, they miss out on other important information and perspectives. This is the definition of closed-mindedness. Like a locked door, nothing gets in; no new learning, no changing of minds and hearts.

Being closed-minded will slow down a person’s growth and development because they are unwilling to learn from others or consider new ideas. It can also make them less effective in problem-solving because they only consider a narrow range of solutions.

Therefore, it’s essential to be open to different opinions and perspectives to dissolve a confirmation bias. Yes, it’s demanding and emotionally challenging work. It means listening to others, considering their ideas, and being willing to change your opinions if the evidence suggests it. Most often, that hard work pays off, however. By challenging your own beliefs, you ensure your continued growth and development.

Wishing you abundant health, happiness, and prosperity,


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